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Mix Flow Inline Blower


CONNECT series is a mixed flow inline exhaust fan in various sizes. 
Specially designed for installing ventilation systems with high pressure, strong airflow and low noise levels.

Energy Saving motor with ball bearing for log time operation.
Removable body for easy cleaning, without the need to move the ducts. 

Mix Flow Inline Blower CONNECT are powerful enough to ventilate multiple areas with a single unit for one or more rooms of varying sizes

Quality motor:

  • Ball bearing motor

  • Auto cut-off fuse built in motor

  • Silicon steel lamination

  • Pure copper winding

EURO - 166 *

* Recommended retail price incl. VAT, excl. shipping cost

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Dimensions (mm)

CONNECT 120 dim.jpg
connect all curve.jpg

Installation Guide

install conect.jpg

Available accesories


Round Grille
GE 125


Speed regulator TSR20

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