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ENIA 60 Built-In Stainless Steel

Cooker Hood


Turbionaire Enia 60 Built-In hood stands out especially for its increased flexibility in use and performance in eliminating steam, odors, and retaining grease.

The construction elements are specially designed to allow:

- Easy access and more storage space inside the furniture body

- Flexible installation 

Dual suction. Turbionaire Enia 60 Built-In air suction, can be done both perimeter with the mobile panel in closed position and directly through its opening.


  • Mobile panel made of secured and heat-treated black glass for capturing and directing steam.

  • Easy-to-use touch control positioned on the movable panel.

  • 5-layer aluminum grease filters, detachable and washable for grease retention.

  • 3 speeds + Boost function.

  • 800 m³/h Brushless DC Motor - low noise, high efficiency.

  • LED lighting 4000K provides pleasant light and low energy consumption.

The built-in Turbionaire Enia 60 Built-In hood can be used for both extraction and recirculation with the optional Turbionaire TCF1 carbon filter kit to retain cooking odors.


EURO - 688 *

* Recommended retail price incl. VAT, excl. shipping cost

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Dimensions (mm)

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Available accessories


TAF9S Aluminium Filter

Turbionaire tcf1

Carbon Filters Kit TCF1

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