Frequently Asked Questions

How is the efficiency of the air conditioner influenced by the air outlet through the folded window influenced?

The device is designed to operate in this way, being efficient in such a situation

What is the length of the hot air outlet tube and how long can I extend it?

The maximum length of the flexible hose is 1.5 m, it can be extended by another 1.5m

Why is it called a "portable air conditioner" if I have to make a hole in the wall to evacuate the hot air produced by the compressor?

The portable Air Conditioning Turbionaire can be easily moved from one location to another, without having to install / dismantle it in / from the wall.

How is the water (condensation) produced by the appliance evacuated?

The condensation produced during the cooling process of the air is done with the evacuation of the hot air produced by the compressor.

How can I use the machine in a fixed window office building, without being able to make changes?

It is absolutely necessary to evacuate the hot air produced by the compressor of the device. This can be done through a hole in the wall, a folded window or the outlet in a room next to it.

How can I set the device to turn on and off at a certain preset time?

If the portable air conditioner does not have this function, you can use a programmable socket for this purpose.

What does it mean to maintain the appliance?

It is necessary to periodically clean the washable filter, so that the extraction of hot air from the room is not prevented by the presence of dust particles.

What additional accessories are necessary for the operation of the air conditioner?

All accessories necessary for the operation of the Turbionaire air conditioner are included in the package.

What happens if the power supply is interrupted?

The appliance will restart when the power supply is restarted.

In the event of a power failure, does the device maintain its previous settings?

In this situation, the device retains all previous settings.

How can I only use the dehumidification function of the air when I do not want to lower the temperature in the room?

The air dehumidification function can be used independently of the air cooling function.

What is the noise level produced by the device?

The maximum noise level is 65dB

What is the cooling capacity of this appliance?

7000 BTU

What is the area covered by this device?

10 - 12 m²

What is the dehumidification capacity of this unit?

17 l / day

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