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Induction Hob

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Turbionaire Feel 60SB4 induction hob can be easily installed on the surface of the worktop in your cooking space.

• Touch slider control - with 9 power levels, you can cook, really, extremely flexibly, adjusting to your preferred level with a touch of the slider.

• BOOST function (4 zones) - you can save time with the help of this function that brings energy to quickly reach the temperatures required in the cooking process.

• Timer

• Automatic safety stop - a temperature sensor constantly monitors the inside of the hob, stopping the hob if excessive temperature is detected.

• Black Vitro Ceramic glass - easy to clean by wiping, accidentally spilled food does not harden and can be easily removed.

• Child lock - the control panel can be locked for the safety of your family. No accidental start of the cooking zones.

• Pan sensor - the sensor incorporated in the cooking space instantly recognizes the surface of the dishes.

• Detection of small or non-magnetic objects - the hob goes into stand-by upon detection of such objects on its surface.


EURO - 446 *

* Recommended retail price incl. VAT, excl. shipping cost

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Installation Dimensions

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