Smart 8 eco 

Compressor Dehumidifier

10 L_DAY.png

Compact, stylish and easy to use, SMART 8 eco is a small but powerful compressor type dehumidifier in our list. With a 8 liters/day dehumidifying capacity, it is perfect for any room, in your house or at the office.

  • Washable Air Filter, very easy to remove and wash

  • Auto Restart after a power failure, keeping settings

  • Electronic Hygrostat, modern and useful

  • Water Level Indicator on the front side of the tank

  • Inside Drying Function

  • Continuous Draining Option, useful for intensive operation

  • Very silent while in use, only 40dB

EURO 199.04 *

* Recommended retail price incl. VAT, excl. shipping cost