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Terms and Conditions for Email Communications

INTAX Trading S.R.L. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company” or “INTAX”) bases its relationship with business partners on prompt and easy communication. For this reason we offer several ways of communication including e-mail, fax, telephone, online message, video and voice, etc. To demonstrate our dedication to prompt and easy communication, we have adopted the following terms and conditions regarding email communication, values that are incorporated as a reference in all messages sent by the persons in our company (company employees). Our communications with you via e-mail are subject to your acceptance of the following terms.


E-mail in General
E-mail is an effective way to communicate a message. However, due to its concise and informal nature, the email may not accurately represent the complete and final character of a problem or the official documents of a company’s business. In most cases, the communication of a particular aspect is done on several channels, such as e-mail, direct delivery, telephone, fax, etc., possibly several at the same time, as if an e-mail is the answer to a voicemail message, a fax follows an appointment, a voicemail message follows an email, and so on. The e-mail itself may not reflect the entire communication or represent an official company document. All official issues must be confirmed in writing later. Also, the mere receipt of an e-mail by the company may not represent the issue of the company, on time or otherwise, regarding the aspects contained in that e-mail.


Confidential information
The emails sent by our team members (and all files attached to them) are and should be reviewed and / or submitted only to the person or entity to whom they are addressed or intended. If you accidentally received an email or it was sent to you by mistake, the information contained in that message must always remain confidential, and receiving such a message will not give you the right to use or disseminate confidential information. Please notify the sender immediately by telephone or email and delete or destroy the original message and any copy thereof. Any unauthorized use, disclosure, reproduction or distribution is strictly prohibited. E-mails marked as “Confidential” contain confidential and / or personal information (such as access data, passwords, documents, etc.) provided to you provided that you treat them and keep them in strict confidentiality in accordance with the law. in force, and to ensure that they are not distributed or used by other persons, except for the limited and confidential purpose with which they were sent to you. This type of information is sent in password protected attach files, which is communicated separately. By accepting and reviewing the confidential information provided by the company, you agree and exempt the company from any liability or expense that the company may incur in the unauthorized use or dissemination of confidential information due to your actions or omissions.


Private information
Messages sent between customers, users of the website, and the Company, by email or through the contact form, may contain private information subject to the rules of confidentiality in relation to the clients and / or confidentiality of the company’s activity. The privileged nature of such information will not be ignorant if you receive an email by mistake or you have been sent such a message by mistake. If you are not the intended recipient of such a message, please notify the sender immediately, by telephone or email and destroy the original message and all copies. Any unauthorized use, disclosure, reproduction or distribution of confidential or privileged information is strictly prohibited.


The Company takes all reasonable measures to limit any security breach that may affect the communication of private information by email or through the contact form on this website.


Urgent instructions and official matters; Filters
Do not use the email to communicate urgent instructions or official business matters; they may not reach the recipient in a timely manner. All emails are sent over the Internet and processed by various anti-virus and anti-spam filters which, based on certain settings, can delay or reject the delivery of a message. Urgent matters must be communicated personally to the person concerned, by telephone and confirmed in writing by e-mail. The company reserves the right to block any source via the Internet (domain, email address, etc.), considered inappropriate or compromising.


Business purpose
The e-mail addresses of our company will be used only for the purpose of conducting business with our company. Distributors, suppliers, customers and others who receive messages from our team members may not use the email addresses of our team members or contact details (or any other person who appears in the email received from the company) in for no other purpose than to carry on correspondence with our company for purposes related to the affairs of our company. Receiving an email is not our agreement or that of any member of our team for you to use the email address of our team members or its marketing contact details or to transmit this information to third parties, such this is strictly forbidden.


Monitoring of communications
All emails sent to or by one of our team members may be retransmitted, monitored and / or reviewed by persons in our company, other than the sender / consignee chosen with or without notifying the sender / consignee selected.


Unsecured transmissions
You have to keep in mind that normal emails are usually sent via the internet which is an open network. Although our servers and websites use up-to-date technologies for securing data and transmissions between you and our company, e-mail generally uses the Internet, which is an open system, so we cannot offer absolute assurance that all e-mail transmissions ( sent or received) are secured, without errors, are not corrupt, incomplete or non-virus and / or will not be lost, delivered incorrectly, destroyed, delayed or intercepted / decrypted by other persons. Therefore, the company advises you not to send sensitive or personal information by email and is not liable for any emails (and their contents) if they are corrupt, lost, destroyed, delayed, incomplete, delivered incorrectly, intercepted, decrypted or misappropriated by other persons.


Viruses, Errors
Computer viruses can be transmitted by email through the content of emails, attachments to emails and links included in the content of messages. However, we make every effort to ensure that our e-mails are virus-free or without other defects that may affect the computers on which they are received and opened, it is the recipient’s responsibility to ensure that the e-mail received is not virus-free. The Company is not responsible for any loss or damage in any way related to the receipt, use, storage or transmission of our emails. If our company relays an email or responds to an email whose content has been drafted by someone other than the company or any of our team members for whom the company assumes no responsibility.




The use of e-mail to intentionally transmit viruses, scripts or executable code that may compromise the security of the computer, or in any way obstruct the transmission of e-mails, telecommunications, computer networks of the company is prohibited and violates the law; those who violate this provision will be reported to the competent bodies.


Prohibited content
All members of our team are prohibited from using the email to transmit any kind of statements / materials of intimidation, defamation, discrimination, harassment, offensive or threatening or statements / material that violates the copyrights or legal rights of other persons. Such communications are against company policy and are not part of the duties of our team members. The Company assumes no liability for such communications, and the member of the team responsible for violating these policies will be personally liable for any damages caused. Please report any violation of these policies to The use of the company e-mail for sending intimidating, defamatory, discriminatory, harassing, offensive or threatening messages to our team members is strictly prohibited and illegal; those who violate this provision will be brought before the law. The use of company e-mail for the purpose of inciting our team members to violate the terms of their employment contracts or to obstruct their status as employees of our company is strictly prohibited.


Rights; Statements attributable to the company
The Company reserves all rights related to the content of its emails and this email policy. No part of the Company’s emails (or this policy) may be reproduced or distributed in any manner other than to this Internet address, without the written permission of the Company. The only statements that can be published are those explicitly declared to be public and are issued by a company official (eg CEO, Marketing Director, etc.).


False declaration of negligence
The Company does not acknowledge any liability, including that based on negligence or false negligence statements, for the accuracy, completeness or authenticity of the data or information contained or provided by email, the Company does not provide any warranty, express or implied, regarding such data or information.


Applicable law
Upon receipt and opening of the e-mail, you agree that the terms and conditions set forth in this information will apply and are included by reference to the e-mail of the company, and any dispute related to this e-mail will be governed and construed accordingly. Romanian law, without giving effect to any principle that contravenes the law. You agree that any legal action arising out of or in connection with the terms and conditions hereof, may only be brought to the attention of the courts of Bucharest, the city where the company headquarters are located.


Additional terms
The products and services provided by the company are or may be the subject of additional terms, conditions and documents, different or in addition to those stipulated in this information.


Promotional messages, unsubscribe
Some e-mails sent may contain advertising or offers according to the Romanian law, in which case its main purpose is to promote a commercial product or service. If you do not wish to receive promotional messages from INTAX, you can access the mentioned link for unsubscribing in the body of each email; you can also unsubscribe by sending a message to or contacting us by mail at: Libertatii Street, Bl. A1-A3, 140017 – Alexandria, Teleorman, Romania.


Compliance with the provisions of the law
INTAX Trading complies with the law requirements regarding email communication and obtaining licenses and complies with all government regulations and laws in force in Romania regarding the conduct of business, as an economic agent and supplier of products and services.

INTAX reserves the right to change at any time and without prior notice, any of the terms and conditions of this website. The changes take effect from the moment they are posted on the website, in the respective sections. Therefore, please read them periodically.

Page last modified on February 07, 2020.

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