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About Us

Turbionaire   stands for smart people, making smart products, for a smart life.

Turbionaire is a leading provider of household appliances and air quality management devices for domestic and professional use. Thousands of satisfied customers benefit from our expertise and the experience we have acquired in more than 20 years of activity. 
From ventilation and cooking to dehumidification and air cleaning, Turbionaire delivers professional performance, innovative design products at very competitive prices. Because we are continuously environmentally aware, our goal is to achieve the best performance with the lowest possible energy consumption into the development of our products. The carefully analyzed design of our products is one of the key points in our future strategy.

Turbionaire is constantly looking for new and better solutions to do things that our customers value. Reflected in our design philosophy, our devices are high quality, extremely helpful, functional, aesthetically designed and very easy to use.

Our Values


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