About Turbionaire

Turbionaire is specialized in air quality management devices for domestic and professional use. We are defined by an efficient network of distributors and thousands of satisfied end-users around the world emphasize the success of our business.


Behind the success of the Turbionaire brand are passionate professionals, with rich experience gained in over 20 years of activity. We have been active in providing products and services both on the local and international market.

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At Turbionaire, we aim to permanently increase the quality of our air treatment ecosystem, including devices with an attractive design, easy to integrate and coexist. Eco-friendly, very easy to use, and efficient, our products will always come to meet the needs of our customers.


We proudly produce, distribute and sell: air dehumidifiers - domestic and professional, air purifiers, bathroom fans, built-in kitchen hoods, aroma diffusers, and portable air conditioners.

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The best and safest way to succeed is to establish a lasting relationship with our partners and customers should be based on: good quality products, attractive design, and good prices.


Our network is constantly growing at the European level, and Turbionaire is proud of the creativity and diversity of its talented people, who lead us on an upward trend. We would love to welcome you with us on this journey, as our partners will always benefit from our assistance in both sales and marketing.

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