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CE Compliance & WEEE, Packaging, Battery

Intax Trading SRL, the manufacturer of Turbionaire brand is compliant with WEEE EU regulations (Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment) and with EU Packaging Waste Directive, being registered in:


WEEE Reg. Number: DE 71680858
Packaging Reg. Number: DE 2112812928011
Battery Reg. Number: DE 14695454

WEEE Reg. Number:  FR040726_05NUC0
Packaging Reg. Number: FR251576_01WODA

WEEE Reg. Number:  RII-AEE 10425
Packaging Reg. Number: ENV/2024/000041138
Battery Reg. Number: ES   3443


WEEE Reg. Number: RO-EEE-0871-2024-02-29
Packaging Number: 1TR0317121
Battery Reg. Number: RO-2022 -11-B&A-2084

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