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ELVA 90 Wall Black

Cooker Hood

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• Low noise in use - brushless motor
Touch control for suction speed and lighting

•  800 m³/h Brushless motor - low  noise, high efficiency
• 5-layer grease filter, detachable and washable

• 3 Fan Speeds + Super Boost Function

• Perimeter suction

•   Auto Heat Detection Mode - Enabling this function allows, with the help of the integrated thermal sensor, real-time monitoring of the temperature between the hob and the hood, as well as automatic adjustment of the fan speed levels based on the detected heat level.
•  Air Cleaning Function - The fan operates at minimum speed for 5 minutes every hour.

• LED Lighting – Intensity and temperature adjustment: It allows for both adjusting the light intensity and temperature based on personal preferences.

Turbionaire Elva 90 Wall    Black  painted in matte black, with wall mounting, can be used both in evacuation and in recirculation with the help of optional carbon filters, in order to retain odors cooking results.

This model was created with increased attention to detail, taking into account ease of installation, optimal extraction capacity depending on the usual needs,   engine reliability, advanced lighting, and control functions.


The non-return valve included prevents the penetration of air and impurities from outside.


EURO - 708 *

* Recommended retail price incl. VAT, excl. shipping cost

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Dimensions (mm)

Turbionaire tcf1

Carbon Filters Kit TCF1

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Aluminium filters TAF10B

Air deflector.jpg

Air Deflector Kit

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