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Built-In Cooker Hood

Icon Comfy Easy Cool senso 20 revigo EPI
Icon Comfy Easy Cool senso 20 revigo EPI

Our built-in kitchen cooker hoods do not interfere with the kitchen furniture ensuring both a discreet and efficient way of evacuating steam and odors while retaining the grease resulting from the cooking process.

The hood can be seen on the lower part of the cabinet only. The 0.8 mm thick stainless steel AISI 430 frame perfectly frames the control panel, the LED lighting system and the suction area.

The washable 5-layer metal filter ensures successful grease retention.

Turbionaire hoods have been designed with increased attention to detail, taking into account the ease of installation, the optimal extraction capacity according to the usual needs, the reliability of the engine, the advanced lighting system and the optimal functions.

They can be used for both evacuation and recirculation with the help of optional carbon filters.

4000K LED light ensures a pleasant and comfortable environment and low energy consumption.

The non-return valve prevents air and impurities from flowing in from outdoors.  

  • Max. Air Flow 434 m³/h

  • LED lighting 4000K

  • 3 Fan speeds

  • 5 Layers Grease filter - removable and washable

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EURO - 176 *

* Recommended retail price incl. VAT, excl. shipping cost

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Dimensions (mm)

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Available accessories

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Carbon Filters Kit TCF1

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Aluminium filter TAF1S


Aluminium filter TAF1S0

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Air Deflector Kit


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