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Round Grille GE100

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Exterior/ interior circular grille provided with metal insect protection, which also prevents the entry of various foreign bodies from the outside.

The anti-rain blinds are horizontal and oriented at an angle of 45 degrees. It has a built-in assembly, with fixing in the circular tubing.

  • Diameter: 100 mm

  • Material: ABS with UV protection

  • White

  • Dowels and screws for mounting

EURO - 8 *

* Recommended retail price incl. VAT, excl. shipping cost

Design fără titlu (2).png

Dimensions (mm)

98 mm.jpg
Download Technical Data
Download User Manual

Compatible with

glossy EN.jpg

Trend 100 SWG

mio chrome.jpg

Mio 100 LL-SC

arte alb.jpg

Arte 100 SW

glossy EN (2).jpg

Trend 100 SWM

mio TW.jpg

Mio 100 LL-TW

Arte  chrome.jpg

Arte 100 SC

glossy EN (4).jpg

Trend 100 SA

mio TW.jpg

Mio 100 SW

arte alb.jpg

Arte 100 TW

glossy EN (3).jpg

Trend 100 SSS

mio TW.jpg

Mio 100 TW

CONNECT 100-1.jpg

Connect TC100S

LED EN.jpg

Trend 100 SL

RING 100 SW TW-1.png

Ring 100 SW

mio TW.jpg

Mio 100 LL-SW

RING 100 SW TW-1.png

Ring 100 TW

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